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If you are like most of us, a late-night internet browser, then you've probably experienced the ill effects of staying up late in front of an intensely bright screen. Dark Reader comes to the rescue of users who want to stay up late but don't want to experience eye strain or massive headaches after prolonged computer use. Depending on your needs, the Firefox extension can either help you light pages up more, to see them during bright, sunny days, or it can dim and blacken them if the ambient light is way low. Either way, the process is simple to engage and equally satisfying. Your eyes will thank you for that. A lot of options When opening the extension you will immediately find a vast number of options awaiting you. From adding sepia filters to all your web pages or rendering them in grayscale to raising the contrast, this extension has all the customization options you would imagine for you to always have your eyes freed from any exterior pressure. Custom profiles for sites There are also options that deal with adding custom profiles to certain websites only. Say you know this great website but with a horrible eye-killing color scheme. With Dark Reader, you can work to change that and have it always rendered in a less aggressive tone. This is important as it allows you to save time, not having to change the settings for each site every time you log in to it. Dark Reader is one of those extensions that most individuals would not really care for, either because they have these problems or rather because they consider such problems to be menial and not at all relevant, when in fact they should be greatly concerned with them. Dark Reader is the app to go for if your eyes are suffering from late-night bright browser surfing syndrome. RELATED ARTICLESUsers and veterinarians linked to hoax puppy advertising ring INTERNETGroup of Hospital Radiographers posts raffle for Huskies in UK Worried that local woman was not going to renew her $300 per month mobile phone contract? iPod as pet Joanna Dougal, Animal Manager Much of us hear the words "pet" and "paw" and instantly think of the soft furry creatures that cuddle up with us in bed. But they also have paws, and it's these paws that are getting increasingly popular as pets. There is an increasing number of owners who have their paws looked after by their friend or loved one. This is particularly true of the domesticated cat - currently Britain's number one pet a5204a7ec7

You can customize a lot of things in Firefox, from your homepage to the layout of the address bar. However, many options are greyed out until you have sufficient permissions in order to access them. So, sometimes you may not be able to change those things, and you are forced to make them how they have always been. But now, with Dark Reader, you are not bound to the traditional Firefox settings. Create dark styles, and adjust them to your personal preferences. Each profile is stored in a separate folder. Tired of your terminal now? Make all of your sites read-only or don't show the whole address bar. Dark Reader is a free and open-source Firefox extension that you can use to ensure that your privacy is not invaded. The extension makes it possible for you to customize the appearance of your Firefox browser so you can even make it look like a dark terminal. Dark Reader for Chrome Description: If your eyes are tired at night and you see sites differently in different places or during different days, you can use Dark Reader to turn them black and white so you don't have to. Dark Reader for Chrome is a free extension that lets you create custom profiles for each of your web pages, for different light levels. Here, you can tweak your custom settings to turn everything you visit into a grayscale format, to lighten it up in the daytime, or to black and white it at night. You can also add sepia and other filters to make your browsing even cooler. Dark Reader for Chrome lets you tweak the color of your web browser to make things easier to see in the evening. Install the extension today to enjoy it and have a better time with your computer. Dark Reader for Safari Description: Safari is part of Apple's operating system and, similar to Chrome and Firefox, can be downloaded for free. Dark Reader for Safari is a simple extension that lets you adjust the color tones of websites you visit and the looks of your browser. This is done through custom profiles that you can apply to each of your web pages. Here, you can make things more agreeable to your eyes, so you don't have to get up and adjust your brightness at all. Dark Reader is a free Safari extension that lets you design your own personal Safari browser without worrying about any of the settings you have made in the past, only that you can keep your tabs well organized. Now your Mac can

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