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Practical Audio-Visual Chinese: Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 karrcand




84) $29.78( .79) $31.58( .86) About this Product Mainly designed for the needs of Chinese students, who need the knowledge and skill of preparing complete practice tests, the book contains numerous models for the practice of high-level, the model problem-solving the purpose of the practice tests. It also helps students to learn to correct mistakes, to understand key areas and to help them to master each model of the practice test, thereby gaining an understanding of the principle and the process of model problem-solving. Learn to use the book in order to increase your confidence and prepare for final examination, complete practice tests, therefore enhancing your performance in your examinations. Helping you to improve your accuracy and speed. It is your best choice to understand the principles and the process of test problem solving. Practice test with model problems - text book. Use the book for Test the first 80 model problem. Practise the model problems - Test the model problem - Study Guide. The study guide contains: Key areas in each chapter, Grammar, Vocabulary, Chinese Characteristics, Pinyin and romanized Chinese and English, etc. Chapter 1:Introduction Chapter 2:Reading Chapter 3:Writing Chapter 4:Speaking (Spoken)Chapter 5:Writing(Written) Chapter 6:Writing(Written)Chapter 7:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 8:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 9:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 10:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 11:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 12:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 13:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 14:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 15:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 16:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 17:Speaking(Spoken)Chapter 18:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 19:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 20:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 21:Speaking(Spoken) Chapter 22:




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Practical Audio-Visual Chinese: Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 karrcand

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