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Nadine Kaloyios, a ΔEM member, joins Camp Dragonfly Forest (National Philanthropy) as a medical inte

"Camp dragonfly forest is a life changing organization not only for the children that attend, but for the volunteers that devote their time to making sure those children have the best summer of their lives! I was lucky enough to join the Dragonfly family as a medical intern at Camp while getting hands on training working with children that are diagnosed with severe autism, 22q, sickle cell, hemophilia, and Severe asthma. The staff at Dragonfly are the most welcoming and inspiring group of individuals I have ever met. They always found ways to push me out of my comfort zone to see my true potential, while also reminding me how loved and appreciated I truly was. The children are, by far, the most extraordinary and fearless children you will EVER meet! Dragonfly gives these children a HOME where they can truly be themselves, and experience the joys of life first hand! By the end of camp I was drowning in tears knowing that I would be leaving all the life long friends I made on my journey; and not to mention, the children that will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. I could never express how truly grateful I am to not only Dragonfly, but to ΔΕΜ as well, for allowing me to have the experience of a life time!" - Nadine Kaloyios, Sister Bad Behavior, Counselor Athena 💛

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