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Member Perks

Workshops and networking

As a member of our professional co-ed fraternity, you will benefit from numerous hands on activities and workshops that can assist in the pre-health enviroment. Through the different events hosted by Delta Epsilon Mu, comes with a strong networking base that can further different careers and interests.

Volunteering and community service

With the help of our education chair, as a member, you will be alerted of any shadowing opportunities presented. As a group we strive for our brothers and sisters to grow and strive for success. Community Service and philanthropy is a huge aspect of being a member and giving back to our community.

Close-knit family and life-long friends

As a professional co-ed fraternity we will always be there for any sibling in need. This is a phrase that we live by! Joining DEM will open doors professionally and socially that you never thought would be possible.

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