Member Perks

MCAT prep discounts

As a member of our professional co-ed fraternity, you will benefit from discounts provided by our sponsors from MCAT prep is a site that offers crash courses, practice tests, home study packages (GS, AAMC, Kaplan/TPR), and much more. We are thankful for this opportunity!

Shadowing Opportunities

With the help of our education chair, as a member, you will be alerted of any shadowing opportunities presented. As a group we strive for our brothers and sisters to grow and strive for success.

Close-knit family and life-long friends

As a professional co-ed fraternity we will always be there for any brother or sister in need. This is a phrase that we live by! Joining DEM will open doors professionally and socially that you never thought would be possible.

Medical Intern at Camp Dragonfly

If you are searching for opportunities to become a medical intern, Delta Epsilon Mu will give you the opportunity to become one! Being a medical intern at Camp Dragonfly, our national philanthropy, is a great way to help out your community and become a great applicant to graduate school and jobs.  HERE is a post about one of our very own members who benefited from this.